CollaTan: Your Path to Radiant Skin and Stunning Tan

In the dynamic world of tanning technology, where innovation meets beauty, CollaTan emerges as a game-changer. Say goodbye to conventional tanning methods and welcome radiant and rejuvenated skin. Let’s delve into the marvel of CollaTan, shedding light on its innovative features, the magical combination of UVA, UVB, and Collagenic Light, and how it seamlessly pairs with Ultrasun tanning machines. Buckle up as we journey through the intricate world of tanning and skin rejuvenation.


What is CollaTan?

Imagine a world where tanning isn’t just about achieving a bronzed glow but also about treating your skin to a rejuvenating experience. CollaTan makes this dream a reality. Crafted with precision, CollaTan blends UVA, UVB, and Red (Collagenic) light into a harmonious symphony of tanning and skincare. The result is to unveil your skin’s true potential.


The Trio of Lights: UVA, UVB, and Red Light

Unlocking the radiant potential of CollaTan involves delving into the intricate science of light and its profound impact on your skin’s health and appearance. CollaTan, a cutting-edge innovation, as mentioned CollaTan combines UVA, UVB and Red light. Let’s explore what each type of light does.


UVA Light: Deep Tanning and Skin Enhancement

UVA, or long-wave ultraviolet light, constitutes one of the pillars of CollaTan’s brilliance. This light type penetrates the skin’s outer layer, the epidermis. It delves deeper into the basal layer, distributing the existing melanin in your skin. Melanin is the pigment responsible for skin color, and its activation leads to the development of a sun-kissed tan that emanates radiance.


UVB Light: Vitality and Health at a Cellular Level

Short-wave ultraviolet B (UVB) light is another essential player in the CollaTan equation. While it doesn’t penetrate as deeply as UVA light, its impact is equally significant. UVB light triggers melanin production and ensures even pigmentation across the skin. Additionally, it’s instrumental in the body’s natural production of Vitamin D, a vital nutrient with numerous health benefits.


Red Light: Reviving Your Skin’s Youthfulness

The third element in this symphony is Collagenic light, often referred to as Red Light. This wavelength reaches the deepest layer of the skin, the dermis. It stimulates collagen production, a protein crucial for skin’s elasticity, firmness, and youthful appearance. Collagenic light brings a rejuvenating touch to the skin, supporting its health and vitality.


How Does CollaTan Work?

CollaTan Reaches Human Skin

CollaTan’s innovation lies in its ability to blend these diverse light sources into a holistic experience seamlessly. When you step in an Ultrasun tanning device equipped with CollaTan lamps, you immerse yourself in a symphony of UVA, UVB, and Collagenic light. Each light type interacts with your skin’s cells, triggering various physiological responses that contribute to both tanning and skin rejuvenation.


The magic begins as UVA light penetrates the skin, kickstarting melanin production and paving the way for your tan to develop. Simultaneously, UVB light supports this process while ensuring the synthesis of essential Vitamin D for overall well-being.


Collagenic light, with its unique wavelength, delves deep into the dermis, awakening collagen production. This rejuvenates the skin from within, leading to a smoother, more youthful complexion. The trio of lights harmonize to create a tanning experience that’s not just about external appearance – it’s about nurturing your skin’s health and radiance.


5 Benefits of Red Light 

Red Light is a beacon of hope for rejuvenating your skin. This magical wavelength stimulates collagen production, giving your skin a youthful look. 


  1. Renewal of Collagen and Elastin Fibers for Brightening: Collagen and elastin, the vital proteins that provide structural support to our skin, undergo a transformative renewal under the influence of Collagenic Light. By reaching the deep dermal layer, this light reactivates collagen production. The result? A revival of collagen and elastin proteins leads to a brightening effect that restores your skin’s natural radiance.
  2. Anti-Ageing Wonder: Diminishes Fine Lines and Wrinkles: Among its many wonders, Collagenic Light stands out as an effective anti-ageing solution. Studies reveal that exposure to red light initiates the rejuvenation process of collagen and elastin cells. This surge in cellular activity leads to the gradual reduction of fine lines and wrinkles — furthermore, the texture, firmness, and overall complexion of your skin experience noticeable improvements.
  3. Wound Healing and Tissue Repair Accelerator: At a wavelength of 633 nanometers, Red Light promotes wound healing and tissue repair. Penetrating the skin’s layers, this light accelerates cellular regeneration. Fibroblasts and keratinocytes experience reconstruction, accompanied by modulation of immune cells. This orchestration facilitates faster recovery of injuries and damaged skin tissue.
  4. Boosts Happy Hormones: Collagenic Light, through its interaction with light-sensitive receptors, triggers a surge in the production of Serotonin, often referred to as the “Happy Hormone.” This hormone enhances mood and energy levels, reminiscent of the upbeat sensations during sunny months. Red Light can even combat mild depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD), serving as a natural mood enhancer.
  5. Cellulite Reduction Through Enhanced Circulation: Collagenic Light treatments initiate a series of beneficial actions — increased oxygenation, detoxification, and blood circulation. These processes work in harmony to target cellulite fat deposits. By eliminating stagnant toxins that contribute to connective tissue breakdown and cellulite formation, Red Light ushers in a reduction in cellulite fat, leading to smoother skin.

Benefits of UVA and UVB Light 

Ultrasun tanning machines are the pinnacle of tanning technology, utilizing the dynamic duo of UVA and UVB light to create a holistic approach to tanning and overall skin health. The advantages offered by each type of light extend beyond just a stunning tan – they profoundly contribute to your well-being.


UVA Light: Elevating Your Tan and Skin Glow

  1. Intensified Tan: UVA light penetrates deep into the skin’s epidermal layer, stimulating melanin production. As melanin increases, your skin responds by developing a beautiful, bronzed tan that radiates from within.
  2. Long-Lasting Results: The tan achieved through UVA exposure from a tanning bed tends to last longer than outdoor tanning. This ensures that your golden glow remains vibrant and captivating for an extended period.
  3. Minimal Erythema (Redness): UVA light is less likely to cause immediate redness after exposure, creating a smoother transition from tanning session to post-tan radiance.
  4. Enhanced Blood Flow: UVA exposure can lead to vasodilation, which widens blood vessels and improves blood circulation. This increased blood flow delivers oxygen and nutrients to skin cells, promoting overall skin vitality.


UVB Light: Health and Glow in Harmony

  1. Vitamin D Synthesis: UVB light plays a pivotal role in the body’s natural synthesis of Vitamin D. This essential nutrient contributes to bone health, immune system support, and a range of other bodily functions.
  2. Balanced Melanin Production: UVB light stimulates melanin production, ensuring an even distribution of pigmentation across the skin. This results in a natural, sun-kissed appearance.
  3. Faster Tanning Process: UVB light, while not penetrating as deeply as UVA light, accelerates the tanning process by triggering melanin production more rapidly. This means you can achieve your desired tan in less time.
  4. Acne Management: UVB light possesses anti-inflammatory properties that can help manage certain skin conditions, such as acne. It may reduce the redness and inflammation associated with acne outbreaks.


Versatility and Compatibility of CollaTan


Ultrasun CollaTan Q10

Ultrasun CollaTan Q10

CollaTan lamps not only offer an unparalleled tanning and skin rejuvenation experience but also cater to your unique preferences. Their versatility shines through in various outputs and lengths, allowing you to customize your CollaTan journey to suit your desires.


What’s truly remarkable is how CollaTan lamps seamlessly integrate into the world of Ultrasun tanning machines. Ultrasun has a wide range of CollaTan machines, ensuring that your preferred tanning method aligns perfectly with skin rejuvenation benefits. Moreover, CollaTan lamps can be placed in tanning devices other than Ultrasun, including MegaSun and Ergoline. 


The CollaTan tubes are available for both the EU market and UV4 countries alike and embrace the brilliance of CollaTan, ensuring that individuals across diverse regions can indulge in the transformative power of this innovation.


Embrace Radiance with CollaTan

In the world of CollaTan, tanning isn’t a one-dimensional affair; it’s a multi-dimensional journey that encompasses beauty, wellness, and rejuvenation. As these lights converge, they create a tapestry of benefits that unveil your skin’s true potential. So, are you ready to embark on this radiant journey? Discover the magic of CollaTan for yourself. Request a quote for an Ultrasun CollaTan machine or CollaTan lamps today, and step into a world where your radiance knows no bounds.


FAQs: Unveiling CollaTan’s Brilliance


How do CollaTan lamps work?

CollaTan lamps combine the power of UVA, UVB, and Collagenic light. This combination enhances tanning while rejuvenating the skin, creating a radiant and vibrant glow.


Are CollaTan lamps compatible with all tanning beds?

Yes! CollaTan lamps effortlessly integrate with several Ultrasun tanning beds and various other tanning machines, ensuring a versatile and enjoyable experience.


What sets CollaTan apart from traditional tanning methods?

CollaTan stands out by offering an innovative, all-in-one solution. It delivers a stunning tan and enriches the skin’s health, providing you with a radiant tan and overall healthier skin.


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