Ultrasun Q6

An exhilarating tanning experience is virtually guaranteed in the world’s best-selling stand-up, the Ultrasun i8. The perfect machine for your centre!


Ultrasun Q6

UV3 Magnum Power

Ultrasun Q6 showroom for sale

The Ultrasun Q6 is the perfect starter model for compact tanning studios, but also beauty, health and wellness centres. Its standard features are anything but basic thanks to its IQ Touch Control, BodyCooler and Rainbow Manager. The Q6 is an entry model not seen before in its range.

Condition: New

Device State: 

Model: Q-Series

UV-Index: UV3

Lamp Configuration:

Top Lamps: 16x Sunfit VRX3 160W E-Tronic | 176 cm
Base Lamps: 16x Sunfit XL3 120W E-Tronic | 190 cm
Face Lamps: 2x Sunfit WL 500W High-Pressure


Ultrasun Q6 showroom for sale

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