Benefits of Indoor Tanning


When summer rolls out, we have a smile on our face and that’s no big surprise. According to various scientific studies, sunlight boosts our mood, prevents a host of serious illnesses and has countless physical benefits.

However, you can’t bask in the sun any time you want or control how much sunlight you absorb. Luckily, there’s a solution for that: Indoor Tanning.

Indoor tanning machines, like the Ultrasun devices, offer the same benefits as the sun but in a controlled environment. But how is tanning healthy? Well, the responsible use of UV Light or Responsible Tanning is to maximise the sun’s benefits while minimising the risks of either too much or too little exposure.

While ‘Responsible Tanning’ means something different for every person due to their skin type, there’s one golden rule: DON’T SUNBURN! So as long as you don’t, you can enjoy the following benefits


Healthy Vitamin D levels are associated with significantly lowering the risks of most forms of cancer, heart disease, autoimmune and infectious diseases. The most common and efficient way to get Vitamin D is from sunlight. However, not everyone can enjoy the sun any time they want. An alternative is food, oily fish (salmon and tuna), dairy products, chicken and eggs are a good source for the Sunshine Vitamin.

But another more reliable method that will give you virtually the same results as sunlight are tanning machines. Studies indicate that because sunbeds enable exposure to nearly the entire skin, it amplifies the body’s effectiveness for Vitamin D production.

a healthy bone structure

Thanks to the UV light from tanning devices, Vitamin D can play an important in regulating calcium and phosphorus levels, two essential elements for supporting healthy bones. Your bones naturally break down, but thanks to Vitamin D – and other minerals – they recover. But without enough of the Sunshine Vitamin, your bones can become fragile or misshapen. In adults, this could lead to osteomalacia (softening of the bones) or osteoporosis.

relieve pain

Responsible Tanning makes muscles more flexible and eases stiffness. It works as a pain reliever in case of rheumatism, arthritis and muscular pain. Moreover, people with fibromyalgia have reported a short-term decrease in pain after exposure to UV Light.

reduce heart disease

Vitamin D deficiency is also associated with increased cardiovascular risk. Scientists believe that the increased risk of heart disease and other chronic diseases is due to a lack of UVB Light, which leads to Vitamin D deficiency. People living in higher latitudes, like in northern Europe, are more likely to die of heart disease in winter than in summer. Moreover, cholesterol levels can also rise during winter leading to a host of health problems besides heart disease.

feel happy

Exposure to sunlight has been linked to improved energy and elevated mood. It’s because the light boosts serotonin levels, the body’s Happy Hormone. In the winter months, many people experience seasonal affective disorder and depression. That’s because the cold and cloudy weather blocks the sun’s rays from reaching your skin. Regular UV exposure during the whole year can reduce these depressive symptoms and mood disorders.

boost immune system

It’s an old wife’s tale that when you’re feeling under the weather to take some Vitamin C. But Vitamin D can boost your immune system as well. According to several studies, Vitamin D reduces the chances of getting the flu.

Also, Vitamin D helps prevent several types of autoimmune diseases. This is due to the vitamin’s regulating properties which control the immunological functions affected by inflammation. In other words, it encourages the production of white blood cells, which in turn boost your immune system.

treat skin disorders

The use of UV Light in the medical field, also known as phototherapy, can help treat various forms of skin disorders, like psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and vitiligo. Furthermore, UV Light is a useful tool to combat moderate to severe acne vulgaris.

Countless studies, dating back to the 1950s, indicate that when UV Light penetrates the skin, it combats the cells causing the skin disorders. Consequently, many patients have shown fewer signs and symptoms.

help lose weight

Not only does serotonin help you feel happier but also assist you in managing your weight. Researchers found that Vitamin D has an appetite-suppressing effect on the human body. Thus, people who enjoy the sun’s rays or get their Vitamin D boost from a tanning machine tend to eat less.

prepare for summer

Every year, countless of indoor tanners successfully develop a ‘base tan’ before embarking on sunny vacations. Skin exposed to a tanning machine’s UVA and UVB Light is more resistant to the sun’s rays. This improves the skin’s natural barrier function.

Base tans combined with the proper use of sunscreen, reduce the risk of getting sunburned. On the other hands, non-tanners that don’t have this protection are more likely to get sunburned when to go on holiday.