Ultrasun tanning bed
Ultrasun tanning bed

7 energy-saving tips for your salon

With the energy crisis events impacting our daily lives, running a successful tanning salon has become difficult. It stands to reason that electricity is a large part of your centre’s costs. So, what can you do to keep as much of your earnings without affecting the quality of service? We have seven energy-saving tips that help reduce energy bills.

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Turn off Rainbow Manager

The Ultrasun tanning beds come standard with Rainbow Manager, the interior and exterior lighting. While this is a cool option, you can save on your energy bill by turning off the feature when unnecessary. For example, at night or when your salon is closed for an extended period. Remember, the audio will also be off when you turn off Rainbow Manager, like the Wellness Sound. Programming this feature is done through several parameters in the IQ Touch Control menu. Please get in touch with us for exact instructions.

Choose energy-efficient tanning beds

These devices have 0.3 / UV3 norm and are equipped with 120W lamps with Sunfit Electronic Ballasts. Moreover, they have 800 hours of effective tube life.

These devices deliver the same deep tan as their high-wattage counterpart but with a longer session time.


A ‘unit’ of electricity is 1 kilowatt-hour. The same as running 1000 Watt appliances for 1 hour, and costs around *£0.34

The Q14 energy-efficient tanning bed has 40x lamps of 120 Watt sunbed and uses 5.4 kilowatts. So, it would cost around £1.84 to run for an hour.

If you charge your customers £2 per 5 minutes, the Q14 will earn you £24 per hour. So your electricity costs are 1.84/24 or 7.7% of your takings.

Session time is based on skin type and other factors. The maximum session is 15 min (Non-EU) and 20 min (EU).

*Calculated using the UK: Energy Price Guarantee (October 2022) electricity rate of 34.00 pence per kWh.

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Maintenance: check, clean, and replace regularly

Be thorough with your tanning bed maintenance. Dust can cause overheating, leading to poor performance and, eventually, a costly electrical failure. So, wash your filters regularly.

Also, remember to remove the dust and residue settling on the lamps – and inside the acrylics.

The frequency of maintenance depends on factors such as the manufacturer’s recommendations and how many times you use the machine.


Another thing you need to take into consideration is all of the heat a tanning device emits. The rising heat becomes unbearable for your customers, lowers the UV output of the tanning lamps, and can cause electrical faults. Unfortunately, oscillating fans can’t help with ventilation. Only proper ventilation or air-conditioning system can help.

Ultrasun sunbeds

Source: ibizasuntan 

Ultrasun sunbeds

Source: ibizasuntan 

Room size

Room size matters when it comes to saving on your energy bills. A space with a minimum length 2.5-2.74 meters, width 1.8-2.74 and height (for standups) 2.6m is required for proper ventilation.

The larger the room, the cooler it is, so it needs less power to extract hot air. Therefore, saving you on energy costs.

Ultrasun Manager

You can connect tanning devices equipped with the IQ Touch Control to the Ultrasun Manager. The system allows you to control up to 8 devices from a distance with a Windows PC, laptop or tablet.

Here you can choose the session duration directly from behind your desk. Another feature is that you can start the tanning bed automatically after a pre-set undressing time. Moreover, the Manager also provides some useful statistics on tanning use. Therefore, controlling how much time and energy is consumed per session.

ultrasun manager
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Tanning accelerators

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