Customise Your Ultrasun

Ultrasun offers the possibility to customise your new professional tanning device with a specific lamp configuration you desire.

Choose whether you want facials in your Ultrasun Q-series device1 or that you prefer the canopy of the bed to have extra long lamps. Or change eight UV lamps with CollaTan bulbs in your Ultrasun i8, all is possible.

You can equip your tanning device with only UV Light, only CollaTan Light, or mix it in any combination you want. This to enjoy the lamp’s specific benefits even more.

1 All Ultrasun Q-Series are available for N-Configuration (without facial lamps), except for the Ultrasun Q22.

Ultrasun Q10/3 CollaTan customised

Ultrasun Q10/3 CollaTan

The Q10 is a classic model that has a compact design, a very spacious interior, and three facial lamps. And to boot, you can also equip it with CollaTan tubes. The customised tanning machine offers levels of comfort not seen elsewhere in her class. So besides rejuvenating your body, it will give your face a sunkissed glow.

Ultrasun Q18 N

You can equip your Ultrasun tanning device with or without Facials. Concentrate the UV Light on your entire body, including your shoulders. From the tip of your toes to the hardest to reach areas of your body, you will bask away in the Recharge Yourself feeling.

Ultrasun Q18 N customised

Ultrasun Q18-O CollaTan

The Q18-0 CollaTan has an unquestionable high-quality and fantastic design that never goes out of style. And don’t forget about its CollaTan lamps. These are one of the few reasons why studios love the customized version of the Ultrasun Q18.

Ultrasun i8 UV-SkinCare

An exhilarating experience is virtually guaranteed in the world’s best-selling stand-up, the Ultrasun i8. The i8 tanning device offers space, comfort for freedom of movement, and now you can rejuvenate your skin as well. You can build an Ultrasun i8 with UV and CollaTan lamps to enjoy the benefits of UV and Collagenic Light.

Ultrasun i8 UV-SkinCare customised
Ultrasun E7 CollaTan

Ultrasun E7 CollaTan

The timeless classic, the Ultrasun E7 has rejuvenated itself with CollaTan lamps. The upright tanning machine can now be equipped with CollaTan tubes, that provide UVA, UVB, and Collagenic benefits. The E7 CollaTan will boost your Vitamin D levels and rejuvenate your skin for a blemish-free glow.

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