Explore Ultrasun AR Models: Choose Your Ideal Tanning Bed

In the vibrant world of tanning, technology continues to redefine the way we experience indulgence. And Ultrasun is right on its heels with Augmented Reality (AR) Models for our most popular tanning beds, including the Ultrasun Q6, Q18, and i8. This digital innovation brings the showroom directly to you, allowing you to explore these tanning bed wonders right in the comfort of your space.

Embracing the Future: Ultrasun’s Vision for AR Models

At Ultrasun, we’re passionate about pioneering innovation in the tanning industry. Our decision to introduce AR Models into our tanning bed range is driven by our commitment to revolutionize the tanning experience.


1. Enhanced Customer Experience

We believe in providing an exceptional customer journey. AR Models allow our customers to virtually experience our tanning beds in their own space. This immersive preview ensures informed decisions and boosts customer satisfaction.


2. Bridging the Imagination-Reality Gap

Selecting a tanning bed is a personal choice, and envisioning how it fits into a space can be challenging. AR Models provide a lifelike representation, making the decision-making process engaging and enjoyable.


3. Staying Ahead in Technology

At Ultrasun, we aim to lead the industry by embracing cutting-edge innovations like Augmented Reality. This move showcases our dedication to blending tradition with modernity and staying at the forefront of advancements.


Ultrasun AR Models: Choose Your Tanning Bed


The Ultrasun Q6: Where Beauty Begins

Q6 TSU Wit

The Ultrasun Q6 is a gateway to a new era of tanning. This compact yet powerful model is ideal for tanning studios, and beauty and wellness centers. Boasting IQ Touch Control, BodyCooler, and Rainbow Manager features, the Q6 is anything but basic. It’s an entry model that sets a new standard in its range, promising a delightful tanning experience.


The Ultrasun Q18: A Timeless Beauty

Q18 Wit

Step into the world of timeless elegance with the Ultrasun Q18. This model is celebrated for its high-quality craftsmanship and enduring design. The Q18 offers flexibility with two lamp configurations: Magnum Power and High Power, ensuring a tailored tanning experience to suit your preferences. Beauty never goes out of style, and the Q18 is a testament to that.


The Ultrasun i8: Your Path to a Perfect Tan

I8 Wit

Experience the pinnacle of tanning luxury with the Ultrasun i8, the world’s best-selling stand-up tanning booth. Embrace freedom of movement and an all-over tan in a spacious and comfortable setting. The i8 goes beyond the ordinary, incorporating aromatherapy features, delivering a soothing mist of water and fragrance to invigorate your senses as you tan.


Transform Your Space with AR Models

Ultrasun’s AR Models revolutionize your tanning bed selection process. Now, you can visualize and virtually experience the Ultrasun Q6, Q18, and i8 right in your own space. This innovation bridges the gap between imagination and reality, offering a glimpse into the luxurious tanning options that Ultrasun provides. The AR experience ensures that you make an informed choice, tailor-made to your preferences. Need more help in choosing the right model? Don’t worry contact us via email and will help you every step in the way. 


FAQs: Making the Right Choice


How does the Ultrasun AR Model work?

Ultrasun’s AR Models utilize augmented reality technology, allowing you to project and interact with a lifelike representation of the tanning beds in your chosen space. Through your mobile device or AR-compatible hardware, you can visualize the Ultrasun Q6, Q18, or i8 as if they were physically present, enabling you to make an informed decision.


Is the AR experience true to the actual tanning bed?

Yes, the AR experience closely resembles the actual tanning bed, accurately representing its size, features, and design. This ensures that you get a realistic understanding of how the Ultrasun Q6, Q18, or i8 will fit and enhance your space.


Can I customize the tanning bed’s appearance in the AR Model?

Currently, the AR Model allows you to view the standard configurations of the Ultrasun Q6, Q18, and i8. However, future updates may include customization options, offering you a preview of different color variants, lamp configurations, and additional features.

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