Upgrade Your Salon with a Pre-Owned Ultrasun Tanning Bed

Are you looking for a way to take your tanning salon business to new heights? Look no further than Ultrasun! As a well-known brand in the tanning industry, Ultrasun offers a wide range of pre-owned tanning beds that are sure to impress. In this article, we’ll explore the many advantages of choosing a pre-owned Ultrasun tanning bed for your business. Get ready to revolutionize your tanning game with Ultrasun!


The Advantages of Ultrasun Pre-Owned Tanning Beds


1. Quality Assurance

Ultrasun’s pre-owned tanning beds are held to the same high-quality standards as their new ones, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. Experience the longevity and durability that Ultrasun is renowned for. A reliable tanning bed translates to happy customers and a successful business, providing a steady revenue stream.


2. Cost-Effectiveness

Investing in a pre-owned Ultrasun tanning bed can offer you significant cost savings. These devices are priced lower than brand-new devices, which frees up funds to enhance other aspects of your business. This cost-effectiveness allows you to diversify your services, attract more customers, and maximize profitability. Moreover, 


3. Enhanced Brand Reputation

By having an Ultrasun device at your establishment, you can align your business with a reputable brand known for its quality and innovation. This association can improve your salon’s image and build trust with your customers, ultimately attracting more foot traffic. A strong brand reputation can also help to foster customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth referrals, driving the growth of your tanning business.


4. Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

Besides monetary and financial advantages, investing in a pre-owned tanning bed is a sustainable choice, contributing to environmental responsibility. By extending the lifecycle of tanning beds, you reduce the overall environmental impact associated with manufacturing and disposing of new beds.


5. Offer an Additional Wellness Service

Offering tanning beds to your customers is a beneficial wellness service. Many studies have found that tanning has numerous benefits, including an increase in Vitamin D levels, as well as aiding in relaxation and post-workout recovery. The heat from the tanning bed helps to relax your muscles and make you feel more at ease after a strenuous workout at the gym.


6. Financial Flexibility

Owning a pre-owned Ultrasun tanning bed provides financial flexibility for your business. With reduced initial investment, you can allocate funds to marketing, staff training, or expanding your service offerings. This flexibility allows for better financial planning and a stronger bottom line.


Explore Ultrasun’s Pre-Owned Tanning Beds


E8 CollaTan

Ultrasun Pre Owned Tanning Bed E8 DWM CollaTan

Unleash an exhilarating, rejuvenating tanning experience with the E8 CollaTan. This stand-up starter model embodies the Recharge Yourself concept, giving you that sought-after summer glow while treating your skin thanks to its CollaTan lamps



Ultrasun Pre Owned Tanning Bed Ultrasun Q4 0 DWM

Perfect for those new to the tanning industry, the Ultrasun E4-0 tanning device is ideal for trying out a tanning bed in your salon or spa. It’s a blend of efficiency and comfort, ensuring a delightful tanning experience for your customers.


Q8 in High Power

Ultrasun Pre Owned Tanning Bed Ultrasun Q8 DWM

Experience a new era of tanning with Q8 in High Power. Stand out with exceptional tanning and a sleek Dream White Metallic design, adding a modern touch to your salon’s aesthetics. Elevate your business, radiate sophistication, and outshine the competition.


Q10 in High Power

Ultrasun Pre Owned Tanning Bed Ultrasun Q10 HP RBM

Introducing the Q10 – a timeless tanning bed with a compact design and surprisingly spacious interior. It offers unmatched comfort in its class and lets you immerse your customers in the Recharge Yourself concept. This entry-level model ensures a luxurious tanning experience like no other.


Power Tower i8

Ultrasun Pre Owned Tanning Bed Power Tower I8 XOM

Immerse yourself in the ultimate professional solarium experience with the Power Tower i8. Free movement and a fantastic seamless tan are what this tower promises. With the latest innovative design, spaciousness, and comfort, it’s the pinnacle of all-body tanning perfection.

Note: Some of these models are specially built machines and therefore differ from our standard range. You can contact us for exact specifications.

Enhance Your Tanning Empire Today!

Invest in Ultrasun pre-owned tanning beds to upgrade your salon and provide your customers with the ultimate tanning experience. Elevate your business and offer top-notch tanning services that keep your customers coming back for more. Contact Ultrasun for a personalized quote for a pre-owned tanning bed. 


FAQs Ultrasun Pre-Owned Tanning Bed


Are pre-owned Ultrasun tanning beds inspected before sale?

Absolutely, Ultrasun ensures that all pre-owned tanning beds undergo a rigorous inspection to meet their high-quality standards.


Are Ultrasun sunbeds good?

Yes, Ultrasun sunbeds are recognized for their exceptional quality and performance in the tanning industry. With over 40 years of experience, Ultrasun has established a strong reputation for manufacturing reliable and effective sunbeds, making them a trusted choice for achieving a great tan.


Can I use tanning lotions with pre-owned Ultrasun sunbeds?

Yes, you can use tanning lotions with pre-owned Ultrasun sunbeds. Tanning lotions can enhance your tanning experience by moisturizing your skin, providing essential nutrients, and helping to achieve a more even and longer-lasting tan. However, ensure you choose a lotion suitable for indoor tanning.


How often should I clean and maintain my pre-owned Ultrasun sunbed?

Regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your pre-owned Ultrasun sunbed. It’s recommended to clean the bed’s surface, acrylics, and cooling systems daily or after each use with a sunbed cleaner.

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Ultrasun Pre Owned Tanning Bed Power Tower I8 XOM