What is the most effective way to capture your client’s attention? It lies in boosting product awareness. By grabbing someone’s attention, you ensure that your product remains in their memory when they seek to have a glowing tan. Our meticulously crafted merchandise goes beyond increasing visibility. It also drives higher turnover, translating into greater success for your business.

Elevate your brand and business with the Ultrasunr merchandise. Get our meticulously crafted promotional marketing items to increase awareness and turnover.

Rollup Banners

Ultrasun Rollup Banner V2

Elevate your brand visibility with our roll-up banners! Ditch static advertising – these banners offer the flexibility you need. Perfect for trade shows, temporary promotions, or in-store displays, our roll-up banners boast high-quality printing on an 80-85 x 200cm canvas.

They’re portable, eye-catching, and easy to set up. Whether you provide your own design or entrust us to craft one for you, these promotional items are sure to make a lasting impression wherever you go.


Size: 80-85 x 200cm canvas

Pamphlet Benefits Indoor Tanning

Ultrasun Pamphlet Benefits Indoor Tanning

Discover the benefits of indoor tanning with the Ultrasun Pamphlet! Printed on A4 paper and cleverly designed as a trifold, this informative guide offers a comprehensive insight into the world of sun-kissed beauty. Learn about the advantages of indoor tanning, from achieving a golden glow to boosting vitamin D levels. Compact yet packed with valuable information, it’s perfect for on-the-go reading or distribution at your salon.


Size: A4 Landscape (297x210mm)

Product Leaflet

Ultrasun Product Leaflets

The Ultrasun Product Leaflet is your comprehensive guide to the ultimate tanning bed experience. Measuring at a convenient 210x210mm, this leaflet is packed with vital information about our state-of-the-art tanning beds. Dive into the details of our lamps, which are engineered to deliver optimal tanning results while prioritizing safety and efficiency. Uncover the technical specifications that make our tanning beds stand out, from wattage to UV output. Plus, explore the stunning array of colors and designs available to complement any salon aesthetic.


Size: 210x210mm

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