Ultrasun tanning devices

Since 1974 Ultrasun International has been a pioneer in responsible tanning. We provide professional tanning devices to centres who want to enjoy the Recharge Yourself experience: offer warmth and vitality that sunlight emits. We achieve this with our three different product ranges of professional tanning equipment.

Ultrasun Q22 tanning bed with woman

The Q-series represent the lay-down devices or the sunbeds. From the Q6 entry level bed up to the ultimate recharge and relax Q22 device. These lay-downs can be equipped with features you prefer by adding Music Pro, Aroma & Breeze and Airconditioning. Experience tanning in the most luxurious way.

Ultrasun Q18
most desired tanning studio machine

The Ultrasun Q18 has an unquestionable high-quality and amazing design that never goes out of style. That’s one of the many reasons why studios love the Q18. And like most of our devices in the Q-series range, the Q18 comes in two lamp configurations: Magnum Power and High Power to better suit your needs and wishes.

Full Options Available

The stylish and unique Ultrasun Q14 delivers a complete wellness experience in a mid-size package that’s perfect for your centre or salon. Fully Recharge Yourself in the Q14 by enhancing the tanning experience with the Aroma and Breeze system.

Ultrasun Q14
Ultrasun Q10
Perfect Tanning with a timeless design

The Q10 is a classic model with a compact design and a very spacious interior. It offers levels of comfort not seen elsewhere in her class. The tanning device is one of our entry models that’ll help you take the first step in your Recharge Yourself mission.

Compact and Stylish

The Ultrasun Q6 is the perfect starter model for compact tanning studios, but also beauty, health and wellness centres. Its standard features are anything but basic thanks to its IQ Touch Control, BodyCooler and Rainbow Manager. The Q6 is an entry model not seen before in its range.

Ultrasun Q6

The i-series are the stand-up models Ultrasun offers. The world’s mostly sold and the world’s largest stand-up make part of the i-series. This range is completed with a lockable Changing Cubicle which’s available for both upright devices. With a multitude of features such as the VibraPlate, everything’s possible with these tanning devices.

Ultrasun i9
largest stand-up in the world!

The largest upright tanning experience in the world. You can achieve a seamless tan all over your body while also having enough room to move around and relax. Plug in your mobile to listen to your own while enjoying a relaxing session. Premium features include a built-in air-conditioning system guaranteeing a fresh and exhilarating Recharge Yourself experience.

48 XXL 200cm lamps inside

An exhilarating experience is virtually guaranteed in the world’s best-selling stand-up. This innovative tanning device offers space and comfort for freedom of movement, body toning and a perfect all over tan. You can re-energize with the i8’s aromatherapy features, which sprays a distilled mist of water and fragrance.

Ultrasun i8
No need for a separate room

Add a Changing Cubicle to the Ultrasun i9 and i8 to create a private and luxurious personal space without the need of a separate room. Inside you can lock the Cubicle, find a Clothes Hook and a Mirror.

The E-Series represents our basic entry models, or what we prefer to say: our timeless classics. These lay-down and stand-up tanning devices are of proven quality and therefore still high in demand.

Ultrasun E7
A classic at its finest

The timeless classic comes equipped with the basic needs to boost up your tan and Vitamin D levels. But you can also upgrade the Ultrasun E7 with awesome features such as the Music Option, which comes with two speakers and a subwoofer for you to dance to your own tunes.


Available in two colours – Dream White Metallic and Fancy Red Metallic – this back-to-basics stand-up does what it has to do: give you the perfect tan. Whether you want to prepare for the summer, increase your Vitamin D levels, or enjoy the warmth after a workout session, all is possible with the Ultrasun E6.

Ultrasun E6 Fancy Red Metallic
Ultrasun E5
the stand-up starter model

The Ultrasun E5 is the ideal stand-up starter model for those who want to explore what the Recharge Yourself concept is all about. The tanning device has all the necessary features to increase Vitamin D levels, which’s essential for a healthy lifestyle. You can also upgrade the device with additional options, such as a Changing Cubicle.

Tanning bed also for home use!

This Ultrasun E4 tanning device is perfect for those who want to enjoy a tanning session at their home. This’s possible thanks to the device’s 230V connection. Get and maintain a glowing tan any time you want.

Ultrasun E4-0 DWM

Our Ultrasun tanning machines offer countless benefits, but you can always enhance the experience with several accessories. From the FreeStayl Selftanner to the Sunfit Dreamer these accessories make the perfect companion to any Ultrasun tanning device.

Ultrasun UV sunfit goggles

UV Goggles

Safety and Health lead the way for Ultrasun, that’s why we’ve developed the Sunfit UV Goggles. The goggles protect your eyes during a sunlight therapy session as well as outside in the natural light. The Sunfit UV Goggles meet strict FDA and EU standards for UV Protection.

Acrylic Cleaner Set

The Acrylic Cleaner is a cleaning agent for the Ultrasun tanning devices. Moreover, it also is the perfect cleaning solution for synthetic floors and water-resistant surfaces, which leaves any surface clean with a long-lasting fresh scent. The Acrylic Cleaner set comes with 1ltr concentrate and 4 spray bottles.

Ultrasun accessory acrylic cleaner set
Ultrasun accessory Sunfit Dreamer


The Sunfit Dreamer is a headrest which gives the user great comfort while enjoying a Recharge Yourself session. The headrest is compact, comfortable and easy to clean! Not only that, the Dreamer is made out of the same acrylic as the Ultrasun laydown tanning devices and as such can handle the UV light emitted from the device.

Manage the Ultrasun tanning devices with ease thanks to these control systems. With these software and payment devices, you will have insight on what options your clients prefer and of course control who can use the machines.

Ultrasun Manager

Tanning Devices equipped with the IQ Touch Control can be connected to the Ultrasun Manager. The system allows you to control up to 8 devices from a distance with a Windows PC, laptop or even tablet.

The Ultrasun Manager directly connects with the IQ Touch Control. Meaning when users make changes in the settings window – Music or VibraPlate preference – you can view these adjustments directly on your screen.

Ultrasun control system Ultrasun Manager
Ultrasun control system paytronic

Paytronic + Coins

The Paytronic coinbox is easy to use and very reliable. To start the tanning device users can insert a coin in the slot and the machine will start.

The Sunfit Coins have been designed specially to match the Sunfit Paytronic system. There are three different coins available for you to choose from. Ask our Sales Department for more information!