Ultrasun E4

tanning bed also for home use!

This Ultrasun E4 tanning device is perfect for those who want to enjoy a tanning session at their home. This’s possible thanks to the device’s 230V connection. Get and maintain a glowing tan any time you want.

Ultrasun E4-0

Available Colours

Ultrasun E4-0 DWM

Dream White Metallic

Ultrasun E4-0

Royal Blue Metallic

Ultrasun E4-0

Technical Specifications

Top Lamps:14 x Sunfit XL3 120W E-Tronic | 190 cm
Base Lamps:14 x Sunfit XL3 120W E-Tronic | 190 cm
Maximum Exposure Time:
20 minutes

Power Supply:1 x 230V + PE | 50/60 Hz
Plug and Cable:F-type plug | 3 x 2,5 mm2
Power: 3.500W
Breaker/Fuse (slow): 1x 16A

Minimum Net Weight(1): 130 kg
Minimum Crated Weight(1): 160 kg


1Minimum weight is based on an Ultrasun E4 with standard configuration. Machine specific weight information available on request

Open E4: 217 x 90 x 134 cm
Closed E4: 217 x 82 x 98 cm
Boxed Dimensions:228 x 96 x 85 cm

Note: This is an Ultrasun tanning device with UV3 configuration.