Ultrasun E6


Available in two colours – Dream White Metallic and Fancy Red Metallic – this back-to-basics stand-up does what it has to do: give you the perfect tan. Whether you want to prepare for the summer, increase your Vitamin D levels, or enjoy the warmth after a workout session, all is possible with the Ultrasun E6.

Ultrasun E6 FRM

Available Colours

Ultrasun E6

Dream White Metallic

Ultrasun E6 FRM

Fancy Red Metallic

Ultrasun E6 FRM

Technical Specifications

Lamps:42 x Sunfit XXL3 200W E-Tronic | 200 cm
Maximum Exposure Time: 20 minutes

Power Supply: 3x 400V + N + PE | 50/60 Hz
Plug and Cable: 16A CEE 5 x 2,5 mm2
Power: 8.800W
Breaker/Fuse (slow): 3x 16A

Minimum Net Weight: 215 kg
Minimum Crated Weight: 255 kg


1Minimum weight is based on an Ultrasun E6 with standard configuration. Machine specific weight information available on request

Open E6: 159 x 134 x 227 cm
Closed E6: 117 x 119 x 227 cm
Internal space E6: 78 x 83 x 206 cm
Boxed Dimensions: 227 x 114 x 120 cm

Note: This is an Ultrasun tanning device with UV3 configurations.