Ultrasun i9

largest stand-up in the world

The largest upright tanning experience in the world. You can achieve a seamless tan all over your body while also having enough room to move around and relax. Plug in your mobile to listen to your own while enjoying a relaxing session. Premium features include a built-in air-conditioning system guaranteeing a fresh and exhilarating Recharge Yourself experience.

Ultrasun i9

Available Colours

Ultrasun i9 DWM model

Dream White Metallic

i9 XOM

Xtreme Orange Metallic

Ultrasun i9

Technical Specifications

Lamps:64 x Sunfit XXL3 200W E-Tronic | 200 cm
Maximum Exposure Time: 20 minutes

Power Supply: 3x 400V + N + PE | 50/60 Hz
Plug and Cable: 32A CEE 5 x 4 mm2
Power (+airco): 12.400 (13.400W)
Breaker/Fuse (slow) (+airco): 3x 25A (3x 35A)

Minimum Net Weight (+airco)(1): 290 kg (350 kg)
Minimum Crated Weight (+airco)(1): 335 kg (335 + 90 kg)


1Minimum weight is based on an Ultrasun i9 with standard configuration. Machine specific weight information available on request

Open i9: 176 x 162 x 227 cm
Closed i9: 145 x 143 x 227 cm
Open i9 + airco: 176 x 203 x 237 cm
Closed i9 + airco: 183 x 145 x 237 cm
Internal space i9: 113 x 103 x 199 cm
Boxed Dimensions(+airco): 227 x 114 x 156 cm (120 x 80 x 99 cm)


Note: This is an Ultrasun tanning device with  UV3 configuration.