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The Q-series represent the lay-down devices or the sunbeds. From the Q6 entry level bed up to the ultimate recharge and relax Q22 device. These lay-downs can be equipped with features you prefer by adding Music Pro, Aroma & Breeze and Airconditioning. Experience tanning in the most luxurious way.

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The i-series are the stand-up models Ultrasun offers. The world’s mostly sold and the world’s largest stand-up make part of the i-series. This range is completed with a lockable Changing Cubicle which’s available for both upright devices. With a multitude of features such as the VibraPlate, everything’s possible with these tanning devices.

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The E-Series represents our basic entry models, or what we prefer to say: our timeless classics. These lay-down and stand-up tanning devices are of proven quality and therefore still high in demand.

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CollaTan Machines

The Ultrasun CollaTan machines have unique lamps emitting UVA, UVB, and Red Light. The results are a rejuvenated and radiant glow.

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Ultrasun CollaTan Tanning Machine Q10


Benefits indoor tanning

When summer rolls out, we have a smile on our face and that’s no big surprise. According to various scientific studies, sunlight boosts our mood, prevents a host of serious illnesses and has countless physical benefits.

However, you can’t bask in the sun any time you want or control how much sunlight you absorb. Luckily, there’s a solution for that: Indoor Tanning.

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article sunlight during winter


Sunlight during winter

During the winter months a large part of the world’s population sits in darkness. They receive little to no sunlight and the lights inside are not strong enough to produce the sunlight vitamin, Vitamin D. Thankfully there’s a solution.

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14 tanning guidelines you should follow

To get a perfect tan and enjoy the many benefits of a sunlight therapy session we first have to address the guidelines. But not only that it should be approached sensibly, but that’s also what Responsible Tanning is all about

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Ultrasun CollaTan Lamps


collatan: your path to radiant skin and stunning tan

 Say goodbye to conventional tanning methods and welcome the transformative power of CollaTan. With its unique blend of UVA, UVB, and Red Light, you will rejuvenated and radiant skin in no time.

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